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MINNA Co., Ltd. (Laos)

Japan Educational Consultancy

Vientiane Saphir Building 2F, Saylom Road, 258/16 Hatsady Village, Chanthabouly District, Vientiane Capitals, Laos.

Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese Language Classes

Our Japanese language classes offer Japanese language courses for beginner and intermediate levels. There are no more than 12 students per class and you can take a placement test for finding the class that suits your level. The textbook that we use is Minna No Nihongo 1 & 2 which is a basic curriculum for using the Japanese language. It is required to pass 150 hours of studying Japanese for applying further study in Japan.


Beginner Japanese class:

Emphasis on the basics of Hiragana, Katakana and basic Kanji. Start learning slowly to make sure all students understand each lesson fully, starting at N5 level of the JLPT test.

  • Saturday - Sunday 13:00-15:00


Intermediate Japanese class:

Emphasis on Japanese grammar and common expressions to give students a balanced basis in listening, reading, writing and speaking which starts at the N4-N5 level of the JLPT test.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 17:00-19:00

  • Saturday - Sunday 10:00 - 12:00


Contact us directly for more information and appointment for placement test.

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(+856) 021 253 790



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